About Us



Terry and Katie Workman are the owners of BabyLoveTN! A husband  and wife who love the Lord more than anything and each other  and their sons right after that. Katie, has transferred her love for  photography and capturing memories for people off on her  business minded husband, making the perfect pair for a photography business adventure.


Katie, the photographer of the two, is a high energy, big emotion  individual who has loved photography her whole life. The couple  started the business as Loving Fearlessly Photography with the  mission to share the idea that love is greater than fear and when you  love wholeheartedly life is better. As their own journey progressed, they found out they were expecting their first child, a son in the summer of 2018.


The couple got to work, figured out what the community needed, what was being missed, what wasn’t being offered and most of all put their heart and soul into figuring out how to offer it. At the core of their hearts and business they know that photography is a part of life. It’s a story, an opportunity to share a journey and tell story after story for years and decades to come.